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Simple way to debug your variables in Scriptcase

19 May, 2016

As you all know, var_dump() and print_r() are usefull PHP functions to gather information of variables, but sometimes, you need to track a lot of data and is usefull to save on disk.

Here I share a simple but usefull method to save on disk variables values. With this way, later you can see this file from browser (usefull for remote instances of projects).

function debugHTML($someVar, $texto){
 $fichero = fopen("../kodebug.html", "a");
 $result = ob_get_clean();
 $hoy = date("H:i:s"); 
 fwrite ($fichero, '<br>');
 fwrite ($fichero, '<strong>['.$hoy.'] ' . $texto . '</strong><br> <font color="red">' . $result. '</font><br><br>');

Just paste this on an internal lib, and when you need to use it, include your internal, and write when needed:

debugHTML(yourvariable, text_to_identify);

Now, you can call kodebug.html (one up level from your app, root of project) from your browser

For example, we will write the code on an application called  blank_debug, under a project called tests.

20160519 10_10-screen00018520160519 10_04-screen000184


20160519 10_11-screen000186

Now, my blank app was executed and the file was generated. You can acces this log file from browser one level up.

20160519 10_11-screen000187

debugHTML() adds to the end of the file, is not overwrited. If you need to clean it, just delete kodebug.html file.



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2 Responses to Simple way to debug your variables in Scriptcase

  • Giuseppe – I like your insight. The only suggestion I would have is to keep all Var’s in English. It would be much more helpful to all. Do not make a mistake NetMake did puting lots of strings in Portugese which most people do not understand. I’m looking for more tutorials – you doing great job. Thank you.

    • Hey Arthur, lot of time without news from you.
      Yes, didn’t noticed about. I creatd this function for internal use, then I just didn’t changed when published. Just change all occurrences of:
      $texto -> $text
      $fichero -> $file
      $hoy -> $today


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