Scriptcase Experts


We perform several types of training, you can choose the one that best suits your needs. (KomencoIT) is Scriptcase Certified Training Center.

Project oriented training (or custom-made): Custom-made training is done on-demand. This type of formation can be accomplished online or on classroom. Custom-made training can be focused on accomplish an specific project, general training on Scriptcase, or for specific tasks. Aimed from 1 developer, or the complete development department of your company, or in groups. With Q&A sections where any question can be made. Training Agenda, duration and so on, is under client decision.

Online Training: Online training is done on webinars. It’s done for two weeks with a preset agenda. In each session there is a space of Q&A about the subject exposed. There are three levels. Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

Certifications (coming soon):We offer accredited certifications. With whits certifications, we accredit, as Certified Traning Center, that student has passed all exams and tasks of the training, and has the required level for this level of certification. Coming soon.