Scriptcase Experts

Who we are? is a project by Komenco IT, an IT Consulting company focused on Web Solutions development. We do design and development of websites, eCommerce, mobile apps, and our flagship product, turn-key development.

At Komenco IT we was the first spanish Scriptcase partner offering all kind of professional solutions. We are recognized internationally by Scriptcase community and this results on support for companies around the globe.

Scriptcase … “It’s the best and most efficient web development tool focused on SQL databases (MySQL, Access, Oracle, SQL Server…). A powerful PHP generator to develop systems in a safe and fast way, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Throughout the years we have been specializing in this solution, so that our developers have acquired proven expertise, and have become recognized members within the community Scriptcase. In the case of Giuseppe L., Scriptcase developer and certified trainer, actively participate in the official forums of the tool as well as in other communities.

¿What is Scriptcasers? is a specialized portal where all Scriptcase users can found an added value service, a meeting point, from where you can access content about training (tutorials, webinars, videos), consulting services, support on development tasks, buy and upgrade your licenses as well as access to discount coupons. We offer others scriptcase related tools you can buy to complement the development services.

You can access our blog, to be updated and much more

You can access our blog to keep updated of the latest news and much more you can discover browsing our website.

If you don’t know Scriptcase, start by taking a look at this video: